Advantages of Google Docs in my Algebra classroom

Google Docs and its ability to give students access to a document anywhere, at any time, on any device is simply amazing! This allows students of many different learning styles to edit and develop documents and assignments in their own ways and at their own convenience.

Google Docs is extremely helpful for learners who need extended time or resources in order to complete a project that involves other students, such as a paired or group collaborative project. Google Docs allows that student who might need extended time to work on their group project on any other device at a time that is convenient for them, and their partner or group can also access their changes at any time as well. This allows that student to continue to collaborate and contribute to their group long after the class face-to-face time is over, thus improving their confidence to work together with other students.

A perfect example of this is something that I personally experienced last year in my Algebra 1 classroom. Students had to work together in a group of 3 to complete a total of 12 graphs of linear equations using an online graphing software. There were certain students who needed extended time due to their initial difficulties in figuring out how to navigate the software and the assignment. Because the assignment was not due until midnight that evening, that student was still able to complete their contribution to their group later in the evening and then upload their graphs into the group’s Google Doc. This is one perfect example of how Google Docs can help all different kinds of learners!

One thought on “Advantages of Google Docs in my Algebra classroom

  1. Lauren,
    Great post! Google docs is definitely one of the best things google has done. As an adult I find it incredibly useful, but for our students, it is a game changer. This helps us to move to a more paperless classroom.
    I liked your example you used from your Algebra class. I tend to think of these sort of things and how they will work for reading and writing, even science and social studies. However, this is a great example of how we can apply it to even our math groups.

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